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Dear Ayanna,

As I told you this morning, I am seeing real changes since I started doing Zumba with you in June. I have lost over 20 pounds, and 6cm from my waist (since August 1st, because I didn’t think to measure the “before” in June). Best of all, as I was carrying boxes downstairs yesterday as we prep for our renovation, I realized I had made 10 or 12 trips in quick succession, and wasn’t out of breath! That’s a major change. So thanks for helping! I’m enjoying the classes, which means I’ll keep coming. I really appreciate it.

Karen Saunders

“Ayanna… I am SO GLAD I started coming to your class. I was reluctant to try something “dance based” at first, but the “girls” talked me into it and I’m glad… I LOVE zumba! Or maybe I just love YOUR style of zumba? My typical exercise routine consists of min 60 mins of cardio 3 x a week at the gym. What an incredible diversion/addition this has been! I credit my gym workouts with providing me enough stamina to get through an hour of your heavily cardio based class. You instruct the class without judgement while always sporting that HUGE smile of yours which appears as an encouraging “you go gurl!” when for all I know it could be a “OMG I can’t believe you’re that ungraceful and uncoordinated” grin. Either way it works, you truly make everyone feel comfortable and the growing number of “middle aged” women in attendance is a testament of that.” – Jean

“I’m seeing it. Yipee! I’ve only lost about 5 lbs over the last year, but finally my tummy is getting flatter! Although a little shy, I wore a two piece on my 50th last Spring in Mexico. I feel stronger and healthier than I’ve felt in a long time. I also get asked if I do anything else beside Zumba for my upper body, and I tell them nope, it’s all Zumba.” – M.V

“Ayanna has amazing energy, and her class is lots of fun!” – Alice Barnes

“GREAT time on Thursday! I was suitably achy the next day.” – Cheryl Unruh

“It was a great class, thanks!” – Jen Wright

“Thanks for the class. I enjoyed the dancing, the music, the teaching and the group! Looking forward to next week.” – Elizabeth Wride

“Cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the class, love it!! I think you were excellent, especially given this was your first class instructing. Again, great job and enthusiasm!” – Lisa Bachop

“Ayanna – you are a natural fantastic instructor and it’s going to be great – we are ALL amazed at how quickly you’ve learned to instruct these classes – and you do it with such cheerful style and grace!!” – Colleen Burke

“I loved your class! I love that you are putting in your own music/choreo and that dancing and teaching is so natural for you.” – Kathleen Stoddart

“Just wanted to say thanks for coming to Breakaway and providing such a fun morning. It was great to do a new kind of exercise, only it didn’t feel like exercise, it was fun and the 45 minutes went by fast. Looking forward to next Wednesday to get my “fun” workout in.” – Sharon Laing

“Thank you so much for leading this class…it was so fun!! Being one of the ‘older’ gals, I wondered how well I would do, ended up I wasn’t too bad after all. Whoot Whoot!!! I am looking forward to getting in shape, dropping a few pounds, perhaps being more coordinated 🙂 and enjoying each session observing your awesome skill and technique.” – Darlene Pekrul

“How nice to receive an e-mail from you! I thoroughly enjoyed your Zumba class today and am looking forward to next week! It’s my kind of fun and I’m already feeling the effects of one class. With all the seasonal eating I’ve been doing this is just what my body needs to get in shape for the Spring ahead. I really appreciate your cheerful leadership and the exercises you chose for our class and I’m looking forward to a healthier body.” – Laurel Thomas

“The class was great yesterday!” – Jenny Derksen

“Thank you Ayanna, the class was a lot of fun. A great workout. I haven’t exercised in awhile, since I broke my leg, and even though I was working up a sweat, I didn’t mind this class. I like the Zumba, as compared to other aerobic classes.I may not have all the steps down, but that is ok, and I know it will get better each week. Thank you . See you next week.” – Wendy Land

“It was great fun, you are a wonderful teacher, looking forward to the rest of the classes!!” – Juli B

“Wow! Your class is definitely in high demand.” – Sheira Barbieri

“Last night was an awesome experience. After not doing a lick of exercise in over a year, it is not surprising that I am feeling a little sore today. (big smiles).” – Sheira Barbieri

“Hi Ayanna, I had a great time in your class despite the fact that I have never tried zumba before. I had a good workout and thanks for your excellent effort.” – Carolyn Yip